What Are YouTube Ads

What Are YouTube AdsSo, what are YouTube Ads? A lot of people want to know because they see marketers making money with these ads. Let’s look at how these video ads work.

As you might already know, YouTube is part of the Google network. Which is itself a big and very popular advertising platform.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is the service within the Google network that is designed to allow people and businesses to create and run their own advertising campaigns.

How YouTube Ads Work

YouTube Ads are video advertising campaigns that are created and run from a Google Ads account linked to a YouTube channel. In other words, YouTube Ads are videos that are promoted through the Google Ads network.

Basically, any video that is uploaded to YouTube can be an ad. Video advertising runs on YouTube, on the Google network, and on partner networks.

How YouTube Ads WorkThe most common type of YouTube advertising are pre-roll ads, which are those ads that play before you watch a video on YouTube.

Those videos are uploaded and promoted by content creators and advertisers. They connect their YouTube channels to their Google Ads account so they can easily add their videos to video ad campaigns on Google Ads.

Video advertising on YouTube can roll before a video, during a video, or after a video ends.

Some video advertising on YouTube can be skipped by viewers, while some can’t be skipped. This depends on the type of video ad format chosen by the advertiser during the campaign setup.

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Why Are Video Ads Important?

There are many more people watching YouTube videos than TV. On average, people from around the world watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube A DAY.

YouTube Ads 1Besides that, content creators from all possible niches are now making a living on YouTube. Small content creators have audiences in the thousands. While popular content creators have audiences in the millions.

The average watch time we mentioned plus a content creator’s reach make video advertising more relevant than any other form of advertising, including traditional TV ads and display ads.

How Can Ads Help Your Business?

Video ads are very affordable. You can generate thousands of views and impressions for as little as $5 a day. Whereas a traditional TV ad campaign can cost you $100,000 or more.

YouTube Ads 2YouTube Ads allow you to narrow your reach and to define your audience. This means that a typical YouTube Ad campaign will let you decide exactly who you want to target, when, and where! Also, you can modify a video ad campaign on the fly, from any device, without extra costs.

These ads will help you achieve any type of marketing goal, such as increasing sales, growing your email list, or getting more website traffic, no matter the size of your business.

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