How To Optimize YouTube Videos For Google Search Traffic


How To Optimize YouTube VideosDid you know that you can optimize YouTube videos to rank on the first page of Google search results? It’s a strategy that can increase traffic to your site if you include its URL in the video description. In this lesson we’re going to show you how to apply it the right way.








Upload And Optimize YouTube Videos For Traffic

YouTube Traffic Generation 1Start by uploading your video to your YouTube channel from anywhere on the site by clicking on the camera icon located on the top-right corner, and then by clicking on the “upload video” option.Upload YouTube Video

Now click on “select files to upload”, locate your video and double-click on it. Your video will start to upload, and you can start optimizing it while it processes.

Optimize YouTube Videos Title

Start with the video title. An optimized YouTube video title should be at least 5 words long, and it has to include high-volume search terms and keywords, the name of your brand, product, or website, and video keywords.

Optimizing The Video TitleIn this example we are going to enter a high-volume search term in our target niche in the “Title” field, followed by our main target keyword.

Now we have to insert our video keyword. Video keywords are keywords that YouTube ranks as more relevant because they are included in the majority of high-traffic videos that are uploaded to the platform.

Video keywords include “Review”, “How To”, “Tips”, “Tutorial”, “Cute”, “Funny”, and keywords related to the fitness, sports, health, and lifestyle niches. In our example, we are going to strategically include two video keywords at the end of our video title: the “tips” keyword, followed by a hyphen, followed by the “tutorial” keyword.

Optimizing The Video Description

Optimizing The Video DescriptionNow you have to optimize your description. You’ll simply have to insert your website’s URL first, and then to add a brief description that includes your highest volume search term and your main target keywords. We recommend you to make it shorter than 250 characters to make it easier for the Google algorithm to index it!

Adding Video Tags

Adding Video TagsTags are what search engines will first check to index and rank your videos, and you’ll just have to enter the search terms and keywords with the highest search volumes in the “tags” field.

Publishing Your Video

Publishing Your VideoOnce you upload, process and optimize your video to drive search traffic to your site you’ll just have to click on the “publish” button.

Verifying Your Video Ranking

YouTube videos are ranked almost immediately because both YouTube and Google algorithms give a very high priority to video content uploaded to the platform.

You’ll be able to check how high your video ranked on search results right after you publish it by typing one or more of your target keywords or search terms on the YouTube search bar and clicking on “search”.

Verifying Your Video RankingYou can also go to and enter the same keywords to check how high you ranked the video on Google search results.

This crazy traffic generation trick will allow you to generate traffic by driving clicks from your YouTube videos to your website!

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