Social Media Marketing

One good reason to be on social media is the simple fact that hundreds of millions of people all over the world are there. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are among the most frequented sites on the Internet. Creating a profile for your business and reaching out to users on social media gives you tremendous reach for gaining new customers and spreading brand awareness.

Why Is Social Media Marketing So Important Featured

Why Is Social Media Marketing So Important?

So why is social media marketing so important? You may think you’re promoting your posts enough on social media, but the fact is you’re not promoting your content enough. People Don’t See Your Posts You should post more than you think you should because the vast majority of your followers don’t see what you post. […]

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Free Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Class

REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE PINTEREST AFFILIATE MARKETING CLASS TODAY Discover How to REALLY Use Pinterest to: 1. Drive traffic to your product, service or affiliate marketing website 2. Help viewers make purchase decisions 3. Make your visual content inspiring, helpful, or entertaining 4. Boost online sales 5. Create unique images and videos 6. Build brand […]

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Set Up Facebook Messenger Bot featured

How To Set Up Facebook Messenger Bot

Table of Contents This training will give you the information on how to set up Facebook Messenger bot. Facebook Messenger Bots Click To Get Your Free Bots* Leverage Facebook Messenger Bots To Grow Your Business Make no mistake, Facebook Messenger has revolutionized how marketers can access and grow their audience on Facebook and websites that […]

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5 reasons facebook marketing chatbot featured

5 Key Reasons Marketers Need A Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Let me show you why every marketer needs a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Make no mistake, when Facebook opened its Facebook Messenger architecture, the marketing world went crazy. Prior to this point, if somebody tries to reach you through your Facebook page, you basically have to either be physically available, or run the risk that your […]

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10 Pinterest Best Practices

10 Pinterest Best Practices

These Pinterest Best Practices will help you succeed on Pinterest. The key to success on Pinterest is to provide value. Rather than providing ‘general’ value though, there is a specific type of value that does very well on Pinterest. The key is to remember why people use Pinterest in the first place, the answer to […]

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Pinterest Traffic Secrets Featured Image

Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Why You Need Pinterest Traffic Why you need to learn these Pinterest Traffic Secrets. Pinterest is the fourth largest social media platform behind Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. A lot of marketers ignore the potential of Pinterest because it is an image based platform. This means that marketers have to create or edit images to attract […]

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Instagram Marketing Checklist 3 Featured Image

Instagram Marketing Checklist

The following Instagram Marketing Checklist will ensure that you get the most out of your marketing efforts on this popular social network. Instagram is on pace to have more than 1 billion active monthly users by 2019. Currently boasting 700 million users that log in at least once a month, Instagram has 400 million users […]

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