affiliate marketing toolsBelow are the Affiliate Marketing Tools that I use. Most of these are paid or subscription products but none are expensive. All of these help me make money so they aren’t an expense, they are an investment in my business.


  • Easy Product Displays – If you are an Amazon, ShareASale or Zazzle affiliate then you need this tool. With EPD you can easily create beautiful product displays to add to your webpages with just a few mouse clicks. Adds your affiliate ids to your links and makes it copy and paste easy to add products to your website. Watch the video to see how easy it is.
  • INeedArticles – If you need articles or product reviews written, this is one of two services that I recommend.
  • iWriter – This is my favorite writing service. They allow you to give extensive directions to the writer so that your article is usually just what you wanted. I have also learned that it is better to pay a little more so that you hire writers that have a higher ranking.
  • Power Suggest Pro – As an affiliate marketer, you probably know how important long-tail keywords are to getting your sites indexed and ranked by Google. This tool is the best that I have found for finding lots of long-tail keywords.
  • Traffic Travis – Traffic Travis gives you a huge range of SEO and PPC research tools. Including page analysis, backlink monitoring, keyword research, and site tracking. Get more traffic to your website.
  • Link Centaur – You are probably going to need to somehow get links to your web pages. Start with the free plan and upgrade to a paid plan when you outgrow free.
  • Veerotech Systems – This is the web hosting that I use. They are very easy to work with and have a lot of different hosting plans. Their support is excellent and their hosting plans are affordable.
  • Backup Creator – This is a paid plugin that I like a lot. Makes it really simple for you to backup, restore and protect your WordPress blogs and sites anytime you want with just a few clicks. Also makes it easy to clone your WP sites if you ever want to change hosting companies.
  • EasyAzon – This is one of my favorite Amazon WP plugins. With this plugin, you can create Amazon product links or product ads to display in your posts or pages, all without ever actually going to Amazon. Makes life easy!
  • Wordfence Security – Free plugin that speeds up your site and makes it more secure. Excellent plugin.

A lot of these tools are free. However, some of the free ones offer upgrades or additional functionality for an added fee.





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