How To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Income

To increase your Affiliate Marketing Blog Income, don’t be afraid to make drastic changes to your blog if they’re called for.

Blogging for Your Target Market

How To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Blog IncomeSometimes it helps to reassess and redefine your target market so you can write the kind of content they like.

Why Target Market Matters
Knowing your market well helps you build a good relationship with them. You also know which offers they’d like.

How to Reassess Your Market
Pay attention to your readers’ feedback and it will tell you whether or not you’re on the right track.

Your Target Market Profile
Create a profile for your target reader.


Creating a Smarter Blog Design

A few design tweaks to your blog can make a huge difference in its traffic, readership and high converting websites

Easy Navigation
Make sure your blog is easy to navigate.

Easy on the Eyes
Choose text color and background that make it easy to read.

Large and Clear Fonts
Use large, clear fonts that your grandmother or grandfather could easily read.

The Call to Action
Give readers a clear call to action telling them exactly what you want them to do.

Split test all of your design features to find out what works and what doesn’t.


Active vs. Passive Selling on Your Blog

There are two approaches to selling on your blog – active and passive – and both have their advantages.

The Active Approach
The active approach includes things like writing reviews promoting products with links to the product.

The Passive Approach
The passive approach is more about building a long-term relationship with your readers rather than selling directly to them.

The Call to Action
Both approaches require a strong, clear call to action.

Make It Personal
For either approach, connect with your readers on a personal level.

Your Target Market
Know your readers well so that you can make the kind of offers they’re looking for.

For both approaches, make sure your content is unique and valuable.Offer relevant products ans services


Selling Physical Products through Your Blog

Although most bloggers sell digital products through their blogs, you can also sell physical products.

Amazon has the most products of any other business that sells physical products. Join the Amazon affiliate program and find out how easy it can be to sell these products on your blog.

If you send your designs to Zazzle, they’ll create physical products for you that you can sell on your blog.

Café Press
Café Press works in a similar way but allows you to reach a global audience.

Etsy is good for handmade crafts and vintage items. It gives you a higher commission than other sites.

Tips on Selling Physical Products
Do the same market research you would do with digital products. Check out the marketplace you’re going to use before signing up.

Digital products have always been favored because of low overhead but the above marketplaces make selling physical products easy and profitable.


Beyond Google AdSense – Alternative Ways to Earn Affiliate Marketing Blog Income

Google AdSense is a good way to monetize a blog using ads but it’s not the only method.

Ad Networks
Ad networks like LinkBucks, and Chitika all offer similar programs and each has its unique perks.

Working Directly with Advertisers
Another method is to work directly with advertisers, selling space on your blog. The advantage is that you retain control and don’t have to pay commissions, but it takes more work than simply using an ad network.

Other monetization options, such as promoting affiliate products and creating your own info products, are also great ways to monetize your blog.


Get Paid Blogging for Brands to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Income

You can make money with your blog by writing posts for brands.

Brand Networks
Brand networks such as SocialSpark, Escalate Network, Tap Influence, and Sponsored Reviews put you in touch with brands that need content that promotes them.

Getting Started
In order to woo brands, your site needs traffic and an engaged readership. Some niches are more popular with brands, and catering to a geographic location also makes your blog more attractive.

Blogging for brands doesn’t mean ‘selling your soul.’ If you choose brands you truly like and tell your readers about them, you’re doing them a service.


Get More Mileage out of Your Blog Content by Repackaging It

You can use your old blog posts for other types of content.

Other Forms of Content

PowerPoint Presentations
Cheat Sheets / Quick Reference Guides

Why Pay for Free Content?
Even though your blog posts are available for free on your blog, readers will still find your repurposed content helpful and valuable.

Be careful not to be redundant. Don’t offer the exact same content to readers who may have already seen it.


Creative Product Reviews – Taking Your Product Reviews to the Next Level

Trusted reviews increase click through ratesProduct reviews offer a great way to monetize your blog. There are many ways to go beyond run-of-the-mill reviews and do something creative with them.

Video Testimonials
Create a video talking about the product to give it a human touch.

Video Demonstrations
Show all of the different ways the product can be used.

Interview the Product Creator
Interview the product creator and use the interview to promote the product.

Add Your Own Bonuses
Include your own bonuses or freebies to increase the product’s value.

Check out the Competition
See what your competition is doing and do something else to make your review original.

Write honest reviews that actually help your customers make an informed decision.


Selling Your Expert Services with Your Blog

You can also use your blog to sell your online services.

Your Ideal Client
Start by creating a profile for your ideal client and create content that appeals to them.

Blog Consultant
With a successful blog of your own, you can offer services as a blog consultant.

Offline Business SEO
Help offline businesses get their websites noticed by search engines.

Offer one-on-one or group coaching sessions.

Seminars and Webinars
Share your expertise through seminars and webinars.

No matter what service you’re offering, your blog needs traffic and engagement.


Tips on Selling Your Blog

If you’ve grown tired of your blog, you may be able to sell it for a good payday

Make It Saleable from the Start
Set your blog up from the start so that it will one day be saleable.

Make Your Blog Attractive to Buyers
Build traffic and earnings to increase the value of your blog.

Content Rich
Fill your blog with plenty of content.

Engagement Is Key
Get your readers as engaged as possible and this will help you sell at a higher price.

Your Blog’s Competitive Advantage
Figure out what makes your blog unique.

Keep Developing
If you can’t find buyers at a price you like, you may consider running the blog for another year and building its traffic and earnings.

Selling blogs is so lucrative that some bloggers make a business out of it.

How To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Income

How To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Income

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