How To Repurpose Content

Do you know how to repurpose content? When you repurpose your content, you are using it again in a new form. You can take one piece of content and create many new forms of content from that original piece.

Here are some ideas:

Turn your blog posts into a freebie. If you have several blog posts on the same topic, you can compile them together and you turn that into a Freebie that you give away to grow your list.

How To Repurpose ContentOr if you have an ebook that you’ve written as a Freebie or as part of a program, you can turn that into several blog posts.

You can also turn blog posts into a video or a Facebook live. You don’t want to read it word for word, but you can use the main points of your blog posts as the talking points in your video.

You can take an existing video or a Facebook live and turn that into a blog post. What you do is have your video or your Facebook live transcribed. That means it’s going to be turned into text form. Once you have it in text form, you can then use it as a blog post or you can use it as a freebie to grow your list.

If you have a Facebook live or Webinar that’s longer in length, and usually webinars are pretty long, you can turn those into YouTube videos. You take your longer length recording and you have that edited. You can do this if you know how, or you can have it outsourced.

For example, if you gave out three tips on a Webinar, you can have each one of those tips edited to become a separate YouTube video.

You can turn written content into social posts. You can use one of the pre-made templates in the free version of Canva, and just copy and paste the quote of your written text into the template, and you will have a great looking social media graphic.

Repurpose Content

Here’s an example of how this works together.

Let’s say that you’re a professional organizer and you write a blog post about three ways to organize kids toys, and at the end of the blog posts, you promote a Webinar to grow your list.

You can use that blog post as the base of your webinar. You can also add in some additional content about organizing kids clothes.

Next, have that webinar transcribed and you can take the text and turn that into an ebook and use that as a Freebie to continue growing your list.


You can also have that Webinar edited down and turned into three YouTube videos. Each video can be one of the tips you gave out on the webinar.

You can post each of those YouTube videos on your blog, and now you have 3 things to send to your email list.

You can also make 3 social media graphics that you can use to promote each of the blog posts containing the videos, and promote those on social media.

Below each blog post that contains the videos, include an opt-in form for the freebie ebook you created out of the transcription of the webinar.

That is how you can repurpose content over and over and get a lot more use out of what you have already created.

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