How To Set Up Your Twitter Account

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your full name
    3. Enter your phone number or email address
    4. Create a new password and save your registered email address and password somewhere safe
    5. Click on the advanced options link below the sign-up button
    6. Select if you would like to Let others find you by your email address
    7. Select if you would like to Let others find you by your phone number
    8. Click the sign up button
    9. Enter your phone number or click the link to skip this stage
    10. Create a username (as explained earlier)
    11. Now it is time to select your interests from those displayed or add your own.
    12. This is worth taking your time over as it will have an influence on what type of posts you see and how people will find you.
    13. You can find and connect with your friends who also use Google+ by uploading your contacts from your Gmail or Outlook accounts.
    14. Now you can follow other people on Twitter who have similar interests. Or you can uncheck all suggested friends and do this later.
    15. You will also have the option to receive notifications from Google+ or you can leave them turned off.
    16. Upload a Profile Photo
      On the left hand side of your dashboard you will see where your profile image will be displayed. Click this or the add photo button below to upload your profile image.
      You will now be able to upload an image of yourself. You profile image should be 400×400 pixels.
      A quick and easy way of doing this would be to use Canva, You can set the dimensions and then upload your photo and resize it, then download to your computer. You can then upload it to your Twitter profile.
    17. Next click on your profile image in the top right corner and from the drop down click profile
    18. Click edit profile
    19. Click on add header photo – upload your header photo, the size should be 1500×500 pixels.
      You can create a Twitter header using Canva here:
    20. Next add a bio/description of yourself and let other know your interests and the kind of posts you will be sharing with them. Also include keywords within your bio of 160 characters as this will help people find you.
    21. Add your location – Add your location so that people can see where you live and you may make new connections with other people who live locally.
    22. Add your website
    23. Choose a theme color
    24. Add your date of birth so people will be notified when it is your Birthday
    25. When you are done click save changes
    26. Click settings and privacy in the drop-down menu
    27. Check and Edit your account details
    28. Edit your privacy and safety settings
    29. Change your password if you need to
    30. Edit your phone number and download the Twitter app
    31. Choose your preferred email notification settings
    32. Set your notifications
    33. Find friends using Gmail and/or Outlook
    34. Add muted accounts or words
    35. Block any unwanted accounts
    36. Connect your Twitter to your Facebook
    37. Create widgets
    38. Check your Twitter data
    39. Edit accessibility settings

Using Social Media To Drive Traffic

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