How To Set Up Your Instagram Account

  1. Go to
    If you don’t have an account then click on the link to Sign Up
    (You can also create an account by downloading the Instagram App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store).
  2. Enter your mobile phone number or email address
  3. Enter your your full name
  4. Add a username and password
  5. Add a profile photo
    Use a nice eye-catching picture of yourself as this is how people will recognise you. Do not change it too often.
    It is advisable to upload a profile image that is 180×180 pixels.
    You can use Canva to easily create a blank canvas this size and then simply upload your profile pic, resize it to fit the canvas and then download it as a jpeg and upload it to your Instagram profile.
  6. Connect to your Facebook account if you have one or you can skip this step and do it later
  7. Edit your profile.
    You have 150 characters that you can use in your in your bio so have a think about it and make it as brief but fun and interesting as you can. You may also want to use emojis to stand out a little more.
    If you want to add emojis while using your computer then you can use:
    A good way to structure and create your Instagram bio is by creating it in a notepad first i.e your notes on an Apple device and then paste it into your profile.
    This way you can start a new line after every few words and your bio will appear taller and take up more space rather than 2-3 long lines of text.
  8. Click on the cog icon to set up or change your notification settings.

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How To Set Up Your Instagram Account

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