7 Successful Internet Business Models


7 Successful Internet Business Models

There are a lot of Internet business models that you can use to make money. Here are some of the more popular ones to consider for your next Internet marketing business venture.




Develop Informational Products

One of the most profitable ways to earn more on the Internet is to develop and sell informational products such as e-books, software, training courses, audio, video, etc. You create a webpage to sell that product online, using a payment system to accept payments and send the customer their order right away.

Sell Affiliate Products

sell affiliate products

Another way to earn a good income is to promote an affiliate’s products and earn a commission. This falls under the affiliate marketing business model.


Online merchants give you affiliate programs that will help bring traffic to the website. It’s best to promote products that relate back to your niche.

Start An E-Commerce Store

With an e-commerce store, you can sell products – something you’ve developed yourself or set up a drop shipping service where a merchant will take care of the orders for you. With drop shipping, there’s no need to contend with inventories or be concerned about deliveries.


You do need to have a secured payment system set up on the site and offer customer service. If you go with a drop shipping service, you can choose from an array of products to offer.

eBay Auctions

eBay gives you the ability to auction new or used products. Anybody can create an eBay account and start auctioning off products. Many powersellers earn a lucrative amount through the site.

Domain Buying and Selling

Another way people can make money is buying and selling domains that have expired. There are countless numbers of expired domains to choose from.

Domains with a lot of search engine traffic can turn a pretty penny. Where can you buy and sell domains? Check out https://flippa.com.

Offer Advertising Space

offer advertising space

A high-traffic website can use space on the site for adverting and make good money from it. Some people create search engine-friendly AdSense websites to make a monthly income.


Offer Your Own Services

Develop a website that promotes your own services such as writing, website designing, search marketing, etc.

If you’re looking at starting an online business, you need to consider the following:

  • Are the claims about income legitimate?
  • How well do the online systems work?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can then safely ask yourself, “Is this a company I would buy from.” If you have any doubt, then it’s safe to say you shouldn’t be doing it.

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