10 Pinterest Best Practices

10 Pinterest Best Practices

These Pinterest Best Practices will help you succeed on Pinterest.

The key to success on Pinterest is to provide value. Rather than providing ‘general’ value though, there is a specific type of value that does very well on Pinterest. The key is to remember why people use Pinterest in the first place, the answer to which is to find inspiration, to collect ideas and to create attractive and thought provoking boards.





  • Focus on your first five pins. While you can pin content dozens of times a day to Pinterest, the social media platform will always give priority to your first five pins.
  • Pin to multiple boards. Now, Pinterest allows you to post one pin to several boards. But it does give priority to the first board an image is pinned to.
  • Post only to relevant boards. When you post content to boards that aren’t relevant, Pinterest considers this spam. The company may remove your post and even delete your account.
  • Arrange your best pins at the top of your boards. Now, Pinterest allows you to arrange your boards however you like. Place your most important pins at the top so they get the most visibility.
  • Break boards into sections. If you have a board with hundreds of pins, break it down into sections so followers can easily browse it.
  • Publish pins before the holiday rush. If you post seasonal content, you’ll need to post 20-40 days before the actual event. This will give you the most traffic and the best engagement.
  • Add ‘Pin It’ button. Make it easy for your visitors to share your content by adding a ‘Pin It’ button to your blog. Be sure to publish visual content that’s already optimized for Pinterest!
  • Post to relevant group boards. Group boards can be a great way to get traffic but only post to quality boards that are relevant to your niche.
  • Add board covers that look professional. When your Pinterest boards are unified with beautiful covers, new users are more likely to follow you.
  • Publish your pins in the evenings. Pinterest is a social network that users tend to get lost in and they know it. That’s why most people save their browsing until the evening after they’ve had a busy day.

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