How To Find A Hot Amazon Niche

It is easy to get drawn in by the possibilities offered by becoming an Amazon affiliate, especially because it allows you the luxury of running a business with the economic benefits of ecommerce without the logistical headaches!

Hot Amazon NicheBut now you might be wondering “how do I get started?” Well, as with everything good and profitable in life, you need to start in incremental steps, and you have to start by thinking about what you are going to promote in order to make some good money as an Amazon affiliate.

What? Did you think that this would be as easy as just putting a lot of Amazon product links on a website and then calling it a day? Well good luck with that! Because the first step into becoming a successful affiliate is finding out the type of niche products that are going to make you the most money as an affiliate!

Start By Checking The Advertising Fee Rates

We recommend you take a look at the advertising fee rates associated with each product category before picking a niche to promote, because these fee rates combined with the price of your final sales will determine the final commissions that you earn through your Amazon affiliate sales.

To find these advertising fees simply go to the amazon associates homepage at “” and scroll down some and then click on “advertising fees”. Scroll down to the “Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories”, where you will find the current fee rates for specific product categories.

As you can see, fees vary from category to category, and some are higher than others. This will be important in one of our next steps.

Find Popular And Best Selling Categories

A good starting point is to simply select to promote niche products that belong in very popular categories. A good way to find popular categories and best seller products is by going to “”, where you will find up to date and real time information about which products and niches are the most popular among Amazon customers.

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the most popular niche products are consumer goods and every day products from categories such as clothing, electronics, pet care, baby care, personal care, appliances, automotive, fitness, sports, and home improvement, and you can find these popular categories listed on the left side of the page.

An easy way to figure out when products in a niche are selling like hot cakes is when their categories are featured on Amazon’s best sellers section, such as in the case of the “electronics” category, which we are going to check.

Look For High-Priced Products To Promote

Once you find a cool, popular category, make sure that there are actually products that can make you a fat and steady profit in there. You see, there are two approaches to earning by commission as an affiliate: you either earn by selling tons of low priced products or you earn big by selling high priced products.

Take for example that you decide to promote cheap Bluetooth headphones just because they sell fast, but keep in mind that a low priced product won’t make you much relative to the product’s fee rate, and that most of these items are bought directly from the marketplace.

The best approach then is to find a niche with high priced items. In our case, we are going to select “home theater systems” as our niche because home theater systems are some of the most expensive items found in the “electronics” category.

Another benefit of picking high priced Amazon niche products to promote is that people spending large amounts of money on a single product like to make informed purchases, and they tend to search for information on multiple sites before deciding on a product, which will direct organic search engine traffic to your affiliate site.

Still another benefit is that high price items are bought by a portion of the population with good spending power, which means that people buying one of your expensive products are also likely to buy something else through your Amazon affiliate link, making you a larger commission!

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