How To Embed YouTube Videos

Want to know how to embed YouTube videos so that page speed is not compromised?

How are you embedding YouTube videos into your web pages?

How To Embed YouTube VideosFor a long time, I just copied the YouTube share link and pasted it into my post. Nothing to it, and I was all done.

Come to find out, that is not the best way to embed videos.

You may be asking why.


Because the embedded video really adds a lot of code to your post and increases the load time of your page. And since page load speed is one of the criteria for ranking your web page, it’s important to keep your page size as small as possible.
How To Embed YouTube Videos FeaturedAnother problem with embedding videos this way is that the video may not be responsive. So the video might not resize properly on mobile phones or tablets.

Below is the link to an article that shows you how to embed YouTube videos without increasing page size.


A Better Method for Embedding YouTube Videos on your Website

Now I realize that there are probably other ways to embed videos and this may not be the best way. However, it works for me.

If you have questions about how to do this then leave a comment or send me an email from the Contact page.

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