17 Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas

17 Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas
You know that you need to add content to your affiliate marketing website but it’s such a pain if you are doing all of the writing yourself. And then sometimes you just run out of ideas on what to write about.








Here are 17 Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas that you can use:

  • Tutorials – Any product, niche or topic can be used to provide a useful and helpful tutorial, and usually more than one. Whenever possible, use images and videos.
  • Product Reviews – Provide detailed and interesting reviews of all products related to your niche, review those that you will not profit from too.
  • How To Guides – How-to’s are fantastic, and can attract a wide range of targeted traffic, which, will be highly targeted to your niche.
  • Content Curation – This has become very popular in recent months and is a method of gathering various data from the web on a particular topic to create a super post. Blog Curation Blueprint is software that makes it easy to gather videos, blog posts, articles, images and more from various sources in an easy to use interface and post directly to your WordPress site.
  • Industry News – This can offer a lot of options in creating useful inner site pages.
  • Lists – People love lists and they are so fun and easy to create, here are some ideas.
    – Top 10 Best…
    – 10 Worst…
    – Most Bought
    – Most Popular
    – 10 Most Read
    – 15 Least Liked
    – 10 Ways To
    – 5 Methods For
    – 8 Types Of
    – 10 Considerations For
  • Facts and/or Myths – Most any topic has facts and myths, these are fun posts that can attract a lot of traffic.
  • Videos – Videos are very popular on the web, and are an essential part of affiliate marketing. 65% of web visitors are visual learners. Videos get 267% more likes and shares in social media than written text and sales pages that have videos convert 86% better than those that only have text.
  • Side Subjects – Side subjects are sub topics within your niche, for example, when promoting furniture, content can include home decorating and design. When promoting cookware you can add a large recipe section to your site…the possibilities are endless.
  • Podcasts – Podcasts are very popular and can be hosted on site, or hosted on iTunes to bring a lot of traffic back to the site.
  • Current Trends In The Niche – This is another subject that can keep fresh content on the site and bring traffic.
  • Events Related To The Niche – For example, tech and trade shows.
  • Trivia – Find some little known facts about your niche.
  • Histories – Review past accomplishments, sales records, etc.
  • What Returning Visitors Have To Say – This is a cool section where you can add any comments or reviews your site has received.
  • About Page – An about page allows you to offer a summary of what your site provides.
  • Biographies – Provide some interesting facts about someone; education, work experience, and other life events. Can make great content if is relevant to the niche.


Now, I am sure that you probably won’t use all of these affiliate marketing content ideas but give some of them a try.



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