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A lot of people get email marketing strategies all wrong.

They confuse strategies with tactics or campaigns. Strategies are long term plans, usually at a fairly high level, that takes in a specific time period – 5 to 10 years for example. Tactics are detailed actions to accomplish those plans usually within a shorter time frame, for example within the current year.

Strategies identify what you need to do to gain the advantage over your competition or some other goals that you have for your business. It also identifies the course of action that you need to take and the resources that you will need to carry out these plans.

Email marketing strategies are not set in stone.

They are reviewed and measurable results are examined to determine if they are meeting your business objectives. You need to have components in place that will allow you to monitor your progress and contingencies in place just in case that problems arise.

One of the first things that you need to do is identify the strengths of the product or service that you plan to market. Why should someone purchase your product or service over all of the others in the marketplace? This will serve as the foundation for all of your marketing pieces from your sales letters to you follow-up emails.

Next set up your email marketing budget. Identify exactly how much you can afford to spend on email marketing. This will be especially useful when you get ready to select which methods you will use to reach your goals.

So now let’s talk specifically about email marketing strategies. How do you plan to use email marketing to reach your business goals?

For most online businesses, these strategies break down into two components which in some cases may overlap. Here are some examples:

Selling your product or service. How will you use email marketing to do this? You could use:

Building an email list. This is very important to the long range success of your business so make sure you get this right. You could use:

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the email marketing strategies. However it should give you a place to start.

Making sure that your email marketing strategies are effective is very important. To do this you must track and analyze your results. Some will work for you; some won’t. The only way to determine this is to test, make changes and test again.

Lastly, keep up with new strategies so that you can evaluate them for inclusion into your email marketing strategies.

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