Why Is Social Media Marketing So Important?

So why is social media marketing so important? You may think you’re promoting your posts enough on social media, but the fact is you’re not promoting your content enough.

People Don’t See Your Posts

Why Is Social Media Marketing So ImportantYou should post more than you think you should because the vast majority of your followers don’t see what you post.

First of all, there are different time zones. How many of your followers are even on social media at the exact time you’re on social media? If you’re on the East coast and are on in the morning, your followers on the West coast are still in bed. If you’re on the West coast and are on social media before bed, your East Coast followers are already sleeping.

And don’t forget the algorithms. Social media sites, like Facebook, are only going to show your posts to a very small percentage of your fans, unless you’re paying to boost your post.

Promote Your Blog Post 10 Times

A good rule of thumb is to promote your blog post 10 times in the first week after it’s published. That may sound like a lot, but it’s not. That’s 10 times total on all the social media sites combined.

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Publish To Facebook

Here’s an example. You could post it one time on your Facebook business page, one time in your Facebook group, and another time in a Facebook group that you belong to that allows posting links. That’s 3 times on Facebook.

Publish To Pinterest

If you have Pinterest, you could pin your post to two of your boards, and that would count as promoting it twice on Pinterest. Combined with the 3 times on Facebook, and you’ve already promoted it 5 times. You’re half way there.

Publish To Instagram

Next, share it on Instagram twice. Once could be a regular post, and another one could be an Instagram Story. Combined with the other methods we mentioned, you have now promoted it 7 times.

Publish To Twitter

Last but not least, you can tweet about it three times in a week. You can tweet the link once in the morning, another day in the afternoon and another day in the evening. You have now promoted it 10 times.

This is just an example. If you don’t like one of those social networks, you can adjust this to fit your business.

The truth is, no one can tell you the magic secret of which social media sites to post on. The answer depends on your target market and where they hang out.

Google Analytics

You have to experiment and you have to watch Google Analytics to see which social media sites are bringing you traffic. Post regularly for 90 days and keep an eye on your stats and see what’s happening.

Where is your traffic coming from? Once you see which sites are bringing you traffic, you’ll know those are the social media sites to spend your time on.

Why Is Social Media Marketing So Important Ad
Why is social media marketing so important? Because it gives more exposure to your posts.
Which should mean that more people see your posts. Which should mean better ranking in the search engines. Which should also mean more sales.
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