Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks

Below are the Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks that all affiliate marketers need to know about. The Affiliate Network is the intermediary between merchants and affiliates. There are a lots of affiliate networks; some are focused on retail programs, and some are focused on lead generation programs.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing NetworksSome of the networks require a signup and setup fee ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to make sure that the network provides the level of service you require and the tools to help you properly run your campaign.

On the other hand, the merchant handles all the logistic activities such as selling product and services, placing customer order, and shipping. Merchants provide commissions to the affiliate for all the visitors and customers who come via affiliate link to the merchant’s website.

All affiliate programs are different in some ways, so you can choose the one that is right for you. Here are the top 10 affiliate marketing networks:

Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the most trusted sites for shopping.  And, Amazon is a well-known way to convert visitors into customers. If you are running a blog or website and want to monetize it, the Amazon Associate program is a good way to make money online as an affiliate.

Because Amazon offers more than a million products, you can choose the product that fits your marketing niche and then promote it to your audiences. On your website, you can also add individual products for a customized look. Amazon provides its affiliates up to 10% advertising fees on purchases.

Amazon also provides you with a complete, detailed report of your conversions using report tools. They pay commissions up to 10% on every purchase. Most importantly, they also give great and instantaneous support for any problem you may have.


Click Bank is the privately held marketplace for digital products. It is continuously voted as high traffic website, and it builds a connection between affiliates and digital content creators. This affiliate program allows you to promote the products that are related to your niche.

When a customer comes to your website, they won’t feel like you are promoting another website on your blog or website; they will feel as if you are providing something they need. This helps you to generate leads.

Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate marketing sites in North America, and it operates worldwide. ValueClick owns CJ, it is known for highly professional work.

Commission Junction has a wide variety of products, so you can choose the best niche and apply. If the advertiser approves your application, you will become a publisher, and you can post the advertisement onto your website.

When someone clicks or purchases, you will earn a commission. It provides options to connect products with a variety of links, including text, images, buttons, or banners.

In addition, it also offers a pay-per-call affiliate program to help the affiliates to get paid for the every lead generation. It has a centralized and secure affiliate payment system.


ShareASale (SAS) is one of the oldest and most respected affiliate networks on the internet. There are more than 4000 affiliates advertising their products.

The main benefits of ShareASale are the potential to earn profitable revenue easily and the opportunity to find advertiser products that are related to your blog or marketing niche.

ShareASale receives excellent ratings regarding company reputation, customer service, and commission payment. They consistently get great reviews from their customers and affiliates.

 Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is the most popular and award-winning affiliate marketing website in the UK, with 75,000 registered affiliates. In addition, its prominence is steadily increasing in the US and Canada.

It works on the idea of performance based marketing. This company serves its affiliates by providing high commission rates as well as web and mobile based performance analysis reports.

It also runs an online lead generation campaign to help affiliates. Affiliates earn sales based commissions based on the traffic sent to the advertisers website. This is known as the Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Model, and it is more transparent than Cost per Click (CPC) Model.


Click Booth is known for its Cost-Per-Action (CPA) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) networks. Click Booth works with the top selected affiliates.

The network works with its affiliates to decide the payment cycle for each individual, and affiliates can choose their payout method from several payout methods. Click Booth values each partnership and strives to exceed publisher expectation to monetize the traffic of affiliates.

An expert affiliate will utilize all the resources to create huge traffic. Click Booth affiliates can refer to other affiliates using click bank publisher referral and receive 2% of gross referral credit and additional $10 bonus for every affiliates.


PeerFly is a Cost-Per-Action based affiliate network. With their referral program, you can earn 5% commission on each referral for a life time.

It accepts affiliates from all countries, and the amount of money you want to make is proportionally dependent on how smart and how hard you are willing to work.The average conversion rate on PeerFly is about 8%.

There is no cost to sign up with PeerFly or to use their services. All you have to do is explain how you are going to promote their products.PeerFly requires the minimum information from customer, so if you are looking for easy affiliate products to start with, you can start with PeerFly.


Max Bounty was founded in 2004 with the philosophy of paying more to their affiliates. More than 16,000 affiliates are dependent on Max Bounty for revenue via Cost-Per-Action (CPA) advertising.

It has high payout offers. Max Bounty does not offer thousands of products. However it has leads and exclusive offers. In addition, it has some of the easiest types of offers to use, like email submits, and you will be paid well for conversions, which are much easier than sales.


Never Blue rewards its affiliate for each and every lead generation, sale, and download according to its Pay-Per-Action affiliate program. They evaluate each applicant and only a few will become affiliates based on a complicated interview process.

Never Blue uses a proprietary technology model that allows you to make money quickly. It pays accurate and generous payouts to its affiliates, and high quality affiliates are also payout with exceptional reward.

Link Share

It does not matter whether you are an advertiser or a publisher; Link Share is a great option for increasing your online revenue.

It provides training to its affiliates regarding how to advertise or monetize online businesses. Their commission percentages are lower than some of the other networks, but there are some products that pay 50% commission or more.

However, payouts take longer than on other networks. Link Share also arranges monthly webinars, newsletters, and online tutorials for affiliate to refine their skills. And it provides excellent tracking services with reports and sales and commission rates.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to become your own boss, and choosing the right network is key. Therefore, you should choose the network which provides you statistical information, tracking, and payment processing. So before becoming an affiliate, do your research and find the best affiliate network for your marketing niche.


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