Is Sitting At A Desk Really That Bad?

Odds are you’re sitting down right now – and I’ll bet you do a great deal of sitting throughout the day, as most online marketers do. But according to the latest research, sitting is hazardous to your health.

adjustable standing desk

If you sit for a majority of the day, you’re 54% more likely do die of a heart attack according to one study, and another study found that men who sit more than 6 hours a day have a 20% higher death rate.


Shockingly, that rate doubles for you.

And exercising seems to have little effect on this phenomena.

So What Can You Do?

Well, you could set a timer on your smart phone to go off every half-hour or so to remind you to get up, do some stretching and take a walk. But you know how that goes.

You may be in the middle of something so you turn the alarm off. You will do it in a few minutes but minutes turn in to hours and you’re still sitting at your desk.

You Could Do This!

You could chuck Internet marketing and go into construction, landscaping or waitressing. Or if that is not an option, you might try a stand up desk

Why Standing Is Good For You.

When you are standing, you find that you move around more. You flex your muscles. You burn more calories. Your blood circulates better. Standing seems to lower your blood pressure. And you should live longer.

When you get a standing desk, make sure that you get a height adjustable desk. Make sure that the height adjustment mechanism is easy to use.

Also make sure that your desk can adjust to any seating or standing position. There may be times when you need to sit or just want to sit.

The suggested height of your adjustable standing desk when standing should be at or just below your elbow height. But adjust away until it is comfortable for you.

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