How to Pick the Right Name to Automatically Increase Your Business

Which one would you remember: “Pete and Earl’s Hair Salon for Men,” or “Best Head Salon?” How about “Best Ever Proven Irrigation Installation and Repair,” or “Dirty Boots Irrigation?”

Choosing a memorable name for your business, service or product can actually increase your business, for 3 reasons:

  1. People can remember it in conversation with others. “Check out the “Stealth Remodeler,” he does work during off-hours so he won’t bother your customers
  2. People remember it each time they see it. They might forget a generic name and not realize they’ve seen it over and over again online in forums, on blogs and so forth. But a memorable name they will remember. “Hey, I see that product or service everywhere, it must be good!”
  3. People can remember it when they need your product or service. “I’ve got to get a new window, so I’ll call the one window place I remember: ‘Peek-a-boo Windows.’” Or, “I need help with my website SEO, I’ll Google ‘Naked SEO’ because I remember their name from an article I read.”


Everything else being equal, the catchy, memorable name will win the business. Creative business names are usually the ones that standout the most. So take your time. Come up with a business name that is original, unique and of course creative. And make sure that the name is brandable.


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