affiliate marketing wordpress pluginsThere are a lot of WordPress plugins that you could use on your website. But usually the fewer you use, the faster your site will load. Here are the affiliate marketing WordPress plugins that I use:




  • Backup Creator – This is a paid plugin that I like a lot. Makes it  really simple for you to backup, restore and protect your WordPress blogs and sites anytime you want with just a few clicks. Also makes it easy to clone your WP sites if you ever want to change hosting companies.
  • EasyAzon – This is one of my favorite Amazon WP plugins. With this plugin, you can create Amazon product links or product ads to display in your posts or pages, all without ever actually going to Amazon. Makes life easy!
  • Wordfence Security – Free plugin that speeds up your site and makes it more secure. Excellent plugin.

Most of these WP plugins are free. However, some of the free ones offer upgrades or additional functionality for an added fee.




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