How To Create An Email Autoresponder Series

email autoresponder seriesCreating your email autoresponder series should be thoughtfully considered during the planning process. You want to provide quality content that will inspire and motivate them while also helping to build their trust. By giving them useful information, you begin building their trust that you are an expert in your field and that you have their best interest in mind.

Although you may be giving away a free report or ebook to build your list, offering some additional follow up messages can gain your business even more exposure. Planning in advance by creating a series of articles related to your niche and uploading them to your autoresponder can create a hands-free way to continually follow up with your customers. You’ll constantly be reminding them about your business and generating further interest by helping them see the benefit of your products or services.

If you’re selling some type of information, such as an ebook or membership, or perhaps providing some type of coaching services, you’ll want to be careful not to give away all your information for free. However, you will certainly want to provide enough worthwhile information that will show them a sample of the true value of what you’re offering.

Don’t burn the bridge that you’ve built….

Building a list can build a strong bridge of trust between your business and your customers; however, if you don’t treat your email list delicately, you can burn your bridge.  While planning your autoresponder series, you’ll want to make sure to create a good balance between useful content and promotional content. Too much promotional content can cause your list to fizzle out and become useless as your list members start unsubscribing or completely ignoring your emails. Many online marketers use the 80/20 ratio – that is, offering 80% pure content and 20% promotional.

How many and how often?

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One question to be considered is, “how many follow up messages should be sent?” The answer would be, “however many messages that it takes to convince your potential leads that you’re THE source that can best help them.” For this reason, it’s recommended to send more than just five to seven simple follow up messages. Try to create a large number of articles that will keep reminding your leads that you are always there for them – offering help and caring about their needs. Offering high quality content will entice your subscribers to open your email and look forward to your future messages.

Another question to consider is, “how often should I email my list?” You certainly don’t want to bombard your list with tons of email from your business. Too much of anything is just that – too much! Again, you’ll need to establish a good balance. Emailing only once a month can allow too much time to lapse between communication. On the other hand , several times a week is just more than most people are willing to accept.

For most online marketers once a week seems adequate, however, if you’re offering some type of free ecourse as your followup messages, then once a week may cause them to wait forever to complete your ecourse and be ready to take action afterward. They may get impatient and seek out another source for help. So, in planning how often your email will be sent out, consider what type of content series you are sending out.

How do you create quality content for your email autoresponder series?

One option to consider if you can’t manage creating the content yourself, is to hire a freelance writer to create a series of articles for you. If you can manage jotting down a number of topic ideas or several article titles, you’ll more than likely get adequate help from your writer in creating exactly what you need for your followup messages.

Using PLR (private label content) is yet another acceptable option. Do some thorough research to find websites that offer high quality plr content. Choose some PLR articles in your specific niche to upload to your autoresponder. It’s suggested that you take sufficient time and effort to personalize your PLR articles by adding your own voice and personality. You might also consider doing some other minor editing by sprinkling some of your own thoughts, tips and ideas throughout the content.

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